1. grieverstung:

    guys there’s a total of ten people in here and it’s the first showing for my town
    (The movie theater is in the middle of nowhere though so idk)

    Mine had thirteen. Giant theater, thirteen people.

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  2. I’m not at all a fan of Teresa in the book(s) (don’t hate me, she just always rubbed me the wrong way), but I fricken LOVVVEEEDDD her in the movie. Just totally LOOOOVVVVEEED okay.

  3. I forgot Newt has a limp and I didn’t look for it in the movie. Like how the heck do I forget THAT????

  4. runnieundies:

    ok but guys…how about followblakecooper


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  5. @dexterdarden: #TBT to last day of filming on @mazerunnermovie Love my #Mazerunnerfamily we made a great film and I’m excited for the world to see it tomorrow!
    @dexterdarden: #TBT to last day of filming on @mazerunnermovie Love my #Mazerunnerfamily we made a great film and I’m excited for the world to see it tomorrow!
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  6. I called the movie theater to see if they’re expecting any sort of crowd for The Maze Runner tonight and they’ve sold thirteen tickets. Two of those are mine.

  7. I’m going to see The Maze Runner tonight, in about 3 hours. After a year and a half of waiting, tonight is <i>finally</i> here. Crazy.

  8. Story time so I listened to the song Run Boy Run for the first time ever today (literally I’ve heard all about this song for like a year) and I realized my friend is using it for her floor music at gymnastics.

  9. It’s just weird that I’m going to be seeing The Maze Runner <I>tomorrow.

  10. Everything I’m seeing about the Mockingjay trailer release reminds me of how the TMR fandom was back in March for our trailer release, except with a WAAAAY bigger fandom to be crazy about it. It’s cool to see people excited about things like hey you love the Hunger Games? That’s awesome! I just love seeing people excited :)

  11. Chris Sheffield is just so good looking like why can’t real people look that nice.

  12. thominho:

    in which thomas is not prepared to catch things

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  14. It bugs me that Ki Hong isn’t in any of the promo stuff, barely in the trailers, and all together just isn’t a part of the main cast of characters. He’s such a major part in the book, and I’m getting worried they’ve downsized him for the movie (especially because they’re definitely putting a bigger emphasis on Gally—not that I have anything against him).

  15. Last night I dreamed that instead of running and operating the Glade (and the Maze), all the Gladers had to run a Bob Evans.


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